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Programme 2018

Afrikans On Film Festival

Adinkra Arts Collective would like to thank
its friends, partners and talented contributors for their kind support
throughout the years in making Afrikans On Film Festival
one of the most eagerly anticipated festivals in the UK.

CLF Art Cafe
133 Rye Lane SE15 4ST
Saturday 8 September 1-8pm

AAC founder Orvil Kunga is pleased to introduce
Art Terry as curator and programmer for this 7th year of Afrikans On Film Festival
and we are truly honored and blessed to have him on board!

Thank you Mr Terry!
Enjoy the work x

Afrikans On Film Festival Introduction

13:00 - 13:05

Musician and Resonance FM presenter Art Terry welcomes you to Afrikans on Film.


Art Terry

Live Kora Performance by Tunde Jegede

13:05 - 13:20

World-renowned composer, producer, cellist and kora virtuoso Tunde Jegede brings a new vision to contemporary African and Western classical music.


Tunde Jegede

Skulls, Of My People

13:20 - 14:30 | A film by Vincent Moloi

Documentary | 2016 | South Africa | 67.00 min
Director | Writer : Vincent Moloi

A documentary film on the struggle of the smallest tribe in Namibia fighting for the return of the skulls of their people, taken by the Germans for racial science profiling after the genocide of 1904. This is a story of a grassroots tribal group seeking reparations for the crimes of the past, and taking on the mighty and powerful against all odds.

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Afrikans On Film Festival

Skulls, Of My People

14:30 - 14:50 | Q & A

Community advocate and broadcaster Esther Stanford-Xosei, human rights activist Francine Mukwaya and Activist, playwright and poet, Zena Edwards will discuss the issues that the film Skulls Of My People addresses, including reparations and genocide.


14:50 - 15:05

15 Minute Interval

On Time

15:05 - 15:15 | A film by Xavier Burgin

Short Film | 2016 | USA | 8.17 min
Director | Writer: Xavier Burgin
Writer: Tiara Marshall

On Time follows the life of Renee Johnson, a mother forced to make a dangerous decision for the sake of her child. Renee receives an interview for a job, but doesn’t have the funds to keep her daughter in daycare. So on a searing hot Los Angeles day, Renee leaves Imani in the car as she goes in for her interview. She lands the job, but walks outside to find cops breaking into her car to take Imani away.

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15:15 - 15:25 | A film by Nuno Barreto

Short Film | 2014 | Angola | 8.00 min
Director | Writer: Nuno Barreto

Tchikena is (probably) the first Angolan film filmed with a smartphone.
The short film was created using the “assault” technic, a term created by Angolan theatre groups to characterize a scene made spontaneously, without technical artifice. The film tells the story of Tchikena, a boy who leaves the countryside for the city in an attempt to seek employment and a better life.

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Afrikans On Film Festival

U Me I

15:25 - 15:30 I A film by Nosa Ibinedion

Short Film | 2015 | South Africa | 8.24 min
Director: Nosa Ibinedion

U ME I is a trippy science fiction romance featuring a newly wed couple, Bola and Samantha, who, in the near future, live in an apparent technological utopia.
But after a breakfast argument, a darker side to their technological utopia is revealed. Influenced by Yuval Noah Harari’s Homo Deus and Nir Eyal’s Hooked, U ME I explores sex and relationships in a social media and device driven world.

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Afrikans On Film Festival

Hi Jack

15:30 - 15:35 | A film by Taunyuan

Short Film | 2015 | South Africa | 0.55 min
Director: T∆UNY∆NE
Writer: Thabiso Nkoana

A collaboration between T∆UNY∆NE, Wordsmith (Thabiso Nkoana) and Lesiba Mabitsela Studio. This short film is an adaptation of Thabiso Nkoana’s poem ‘Hi Jack’.  The film follows a day in the life of one of the many faceless homeless people in the country and forces us to examine the idea of a “Rainbow Nation”.



15:35 - 15:45 | A film by Wanjiru Njendu

Short Film | 2018 | Kenyan-American | 6.00 min
Director | Writer | Producer: Wanjiru Njendu

The story is a fictionalized narrative of the true story of Henry “Box” Brown, a slave who mailed himself to freedom in 1849. The film was shot on location to capture the authenticity of the time period and the fear that Henry would have gone through during this treacherous journey.

A film by Wanjiru Njendu


15:45 - 16:00

15 Minute Interval

Live Kora Performance by Tunde Jegede

16:00 - 16:15

World-renowned composer, producer, cellist and kora virtuoso Tunde Jegede brings a new vision to contemporary African and Western classical music.


Tunde Jegede

Black Panther Introduction

16:15 - 16:30 | Q & A with Kevin Legendre

Kevin Le Gendre is a commentator and critic on radio programmes such as BBC Radio 3’s Jazz On 3 and BBC Radio 4’s Front Row; he has a special interest in black music.

Black Panther Party Film

16:30 - 16:55 | U.S.A. National Archives

Documentary| 1966 – 1969 | USA | 14.27 min
Archive Newsreel

Newsreel footage: Kathleen Cleaver speaks at Hutton Memorial Park in Alameda County, California; students protest at Alameda County Courthouse in Oakland; and Black Panther Party leaders Huey P. Newton, Eldridge Cleaver and Bobby Seale outline a ten-point programme to include full employment, decent housing and education, an end to police brutality and blacks to be exempt from the military.

Afrikans On Film Festival


16:55 - 17:10

15 Minute Interval

Black Panther Decoded

17:10 - 17:30 | Q & A with Kevin Legendre

Toyin Agbeto and Be Manzini examine the African history and folklore that Black Panther draws on. Kevin Legendre will be the panel chair.
Afrikans On Film Festival

Black Panther

17:30 - 20:00 | Screening

Feature Film | 2018 | USA | 2 Hrs 15 min
Director | Writer: Ryan Coogler

T’Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and confront a challenger from his country’s past.

T’Challa’s mettle as king — and as Black Panther — gets tested when he’s drawn into a conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, the young king must rally his allies and release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people.

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