Afrikans on Film festival is back for 2017 with another Mutatu load of great films from the African continent and her diasporan family in collaboration with *PNFF and *CLF.

12.00pm – 9pm  FREE ENTRY ALL DAY LONG!

A unique opportunity to see films rarely seen on the big screen.

AOFF is a well attended festival noted for shining a light on the multi-layered aspect of Afrikan filmmaking. It boasts informed discussions, a unique Afrikan craft market and great cultural food (vegan options available). With performance, potery and story-telling thrown i in for good measure.

A true Afrikan experience that will tingle the senses, inform, insight and educate.

Now in its 6th year the festival has yet again unearthed numerous films both features and shorts rarely seen by the UK public. Amongst this year’s hi-lights will no doubt be the award winning documentary ‘Winnie’ by Dir. Pascale Lamche 2017.

Screened successfully at this year’s Sundance Festival. This ground-breaking documentary provides intimate conversations with Winnie Mandela as she describes the harsh treatment waged upon her and her people at the hands of the racist apartheid regime. We see her go from the matriarch of the struggle to villain of the peace as we are given a unique insight as she poignantly describes her public fall from grace.

“I think it was too much power to have as a couple and they had to get rid of this”
Zindzi Mandela (Daughter)

*CLF ART CAFÉ The Bussey Building 133 Rye Lane Peckham SE15 4ST

Versatile, multi-level warehouse space, staging innovative theatre, art and music events.

*Peckham and Nunhead Free Festival,  September 02 – September 10




12:00 pm



12:05 pm

LIBATION Chief Gege Tukuru offers Libation

12:10 pm

Eleggua - Daymé Arocena

Short Film | 2017 | Cuba | 3.30 min

Director: Savanah Leaf

Featuring young Cuban jazz singer Daymé Arocena inducted into the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria

An ode to Santería’s god of the crossroads, ‘Eleggua’ combines sacred Afro-Cuban rhythms with horns-driven, steady grooving jazz. Filmed in Daymé’s home of Havana, it sees her striking profile shot in silhouette; framed against the backdrop of her stunning city, her performance is cut-and-spliced with a dancer who – in parallel with the woman he dances around – explores the act of spiritual communication with Eleggua.

12:15 pm

Dawn of Thunder

Animation Short | 2016 | Nigeria | 3.03 min

Director: Kolawole Olarewaju

Sango is a popular god of thunder from Oyo State in Nigeria with his signature thunderbolt axe that causes lightning and disruption when used by him. We explored his childhood a bit, from where it all started, the questions he asked, the answers he was given, the visions about his future encounters and ultimately how these experiences will shape his future.

12:20 pm


Animation Short | 2016 | South Africa | 4.10 min

Director: Charl Van Der Merwe

A boy and his bull companion travel across the arid African landscapes in search of a safe refuge. Within the beauty of surreal landscapes lurks dangers they’ll soon have to face. Arid was created by a team of six during their final year at The Animation School in Cape Town. Arid was the first South African student animation to make it into the official selection at the Annecy Animation Festival in 2016 and is the proud winner of two gold medals at The New York Festivals in 2016.

12:25 pm



Short Film | 2016 | US | 1.52 min

Director: Riley Hooper

Co-Director: Mo Scarpelli

Arnold spends his days crafting his art and spreading joy at Powell’s Book in Portland, OR.

12:30 pm

The Last Breath

Short Film | 2017 | Uganda | 16 min

Director: Jordan “Braise” Ndawula

“The Last Breath” -is a short film Jordan has written with Ian Masters and he directed it, this short film is about a Ugandan girl who comes to terms with grief as she tries to protect her mother’s last breath contained in a red balloon.






1:50 pm


A Moving Image

Drama | 2016 | UK | 74 Min

Director | Writer: Shola Amoo

Producer: Rrienkje Attoh

A Multimedia Feature Film about Gentrification in Brixton, South London and beyond.

Starring Tanya Fear

2:20 pm

View from the Hill

Music Video

This track is dedicated to all the men, women and children who have perished, and to all the loved ones left behind. Written, composed and directed by ‘Niko Da Dubh’ (a.k.a. Niko Dey). He is an artist/ producer who supports and serves his local community (North Kensington) through various projects. Niko also grew up on the Lancaster West Estate.

2:30 pm

Followed by discussion with the filmmakers and members of the Grenfell community.



On The Ground At Grenfell

Short Film | 2017 | UK | 35 min

Director: Stowe Films

It’s been nearly 2 months since the Grenfell Tower fire. In this time 9 survivors, local residents and volunteers have felt compelled to make a film to dispel the public’s fear from the Lancaster West community and reveal the deep impact this has had on them as people.

Stowe Films are a collective of film-makers, young people and local residents who met at The Stowe Youth Club on the Harrow Road 10 years ago. We were making a film about the closure of the youth club when the Grenfell fire happened nearby and directly affected members of our team. We began recording the testimonies of survivors, residents and volunteers because we felt – and still feel – the atmosphere on the ground is very different from what you see on the news. We hope this ongoing project will preserve these testimonies for future generations and give a voice to young people in particular, who were heroes during and after the fire and ‘deserve recognition’. The survivors are already being forgotten about and ‘treated as statistics’ but the humanity and morality of the community is the clear message of this project.

4:15 pm

Actress Cherrelle Skeete Show Reel

Women in Film. Series 1

Afrikans on Film Festival presents; Women in film. Series 1

Host Akua Gyamfi, Founder British Black List talks industry, race and gender politics, with Actresses Cherrelle Skeete, and Angela Wynter, [Burning an Illusion and Eastenders] and filmmaker Savanah Leaf.


Inspired by the poem of Angela Figuera Aymerich (España)
she Khadija Nasibu
Film Minzi Mims

One woman is running away trying to find the peace from her and her child, but she can not find,
she runs, she runs…. she is escaping with her community: Exodus.

Extract from the work of Africa Moment
Artistic Director: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz



Inspired by the poem of Rosario Castellanos (México)
she Happiness Majige
Film Minzi Mims
“Death is everywhere as dust. even if you want to run away, is there”

Extract from the work of Africa Moment
Artistic Director: Aïda Colmenero Dïaz

5:15 pm

Dear Mr Shakespear

Drama Experimental | 2016 | English | UK | 5.30 min

Director: Shola Amoo

Writer | Performer | Animator: Phoebe Boswell

A reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Othello.

An exploration of Shakespeare’s intentions when writing Othello, exploring the play’s racial themes in a historical and contemporary setting and drawing wider parallels between immigration and blackness in the UK today.

5:25 pm

F Word

Drama | 2016 | English | UK | 6.40 min

Director | Writer | Executive Producer: Savanah Leaf

F Word is a short, art film about a young woman, Nicole, raised by a single parent and empowered to make sense of the place (inside her) which is ‘normally’ inhabited by another parent. Much like myself, Nicole fights to make sense of her circumstances, exploring the social, industrial and natural world in a journey of self-discovery. The film investigates how and who we choose to inhabit in our lives, both present and absent. It speaks to both young and old alike, who have lost, misplaced, or are missing a person who has been part of their life story.

5:50 pm

Mon bann rêve lé en Créole
My Dreams Are In Creole

Short Film | 2016 | Le reunion | 15 min

Director: Guillaume Kondoki

Erika, a young woman born in a tough district of Reunion Island, is faced with a lack of
job opportunities. She works many undeclared casual jobs but still looks for a way out…


6:10 pm


Drama | 2017 | Lesotho | 21.03 Min

Director | Writer: Carl Houston McMillan

A poignant short film about Chinese in Africa and Africans in China takes on prejudice.

Within this struggle for acceptance and assimilation between Chinese and Lesotho, Carl saw the opportunity to tell a bigger story about human dimension of the China-Africa relationship that is largely overlooked in the mainstream press and academic scholarship.

His new short-film, “Laisuotuo” (the romanization of the word Lesotho in Chinese) tells the story of two migrants, an African doctor living in China and a Chinese shop owner in Lesotho, who both struggle to overcome painful stereotypes and racial profiling.

6:30 pm

Human rights Activists and Reparationists, Francine Mukwaya (Friends of the Congo) and Toyah Arebeegee (Repartitions march Committee UK), discuss the role of the African women in the fight for truth and rights as they introduce the award-winning documentary Winnie.

Performance Spoken Word Shakara


6:45 pm


Followed by a discussion with the Director Pascale Lamche hosted by Orvil Kunga (AAC)


Documentary | 2017 | English & subtitles | France, Netherlands, South Africa | 98 min

Director | Writer: Pascale Lamche

‘Winnie’ a documentary that paints a complex portrait of Winnie Mandela: the woman, the paradox, both exalted and villainised in the eyes of history.

Winnie Madikizela Mandela is one of the most misunderstood and intriguingly powerful contemporary female political figures. Her rise and seeming fall from grace, bear the hallmarks of epic tragedy. For the first time, this film pieces together and properly considers her life and contribution to the struggle to bring down Apartheid from the inside, with intimate insight from those who were closest to her and with testimony from the enemies who sought to extinguish her radical capacity to shake up the order of things.

While her husband was kept, paradoxically, both safe and morally uncontaminated, in jail for 27 long years, Winnie rode the tumultuous violence of a life of struggle far from the safety of exile abroad, eyeball-to-eyeball with a seemingly immutable and vicious apartheid enemy controlling the country.

She came to symbolize the oppression of her people.



Short Film | 2016 | UK | 4.15 min

Director: Joe Gilbert

Originally built to house over 7,000 people, the Aylesbury estate in South East London was one of largest housing projects in Europe when completed in the 1970s. Today it has fallen into rapid decline and perfectly encapsulates the growing housing crisis and problems caused by gentrification.


Pot Of Gold

Short Film | 2015 | South Africa | 0.50 secs

Written and Rehearsed by Wordsmith

Filmed and Edited by Taunyane

A Short Poetry Film


Why Not Now?

Short Film | 2017 | US | 2.51 min

Director | Editor: Riley Hooper

Featuring: Vivian Stancil & Turner Stancil

At the age of 49, blind and afraid of water, Vivian Stancil dove in to save her life.


Sci-Fi Drama | 2016 | English with Subtitles | US | 15 min

Director | Writer: Stephen Kinigopolous & Travis Champagne

While on a ceremonial walkabout a young boy must defend his tribe against a mysterious force.


Documentry Film | 2016 | Bakongo | 71 min

Director: Ne Kunda Nlaba

The fifteenth century was a time when the legacy of powerful African Kingdoms were wickedly invaded by the West. The African people’s rich and plentiful history-interrupted by slavery, genocide and the deportation of Africans to new and hostile lands. The Great Kingdom on Bakongo was no exception. A century later in 1704, a fearless young woman decides to fight for her country. For her ultimate fight and her ultimate sacrifice, she will always be remembered throughout her Kingdom as, Kimpa Vita: The Mother of the African Revolution.

Ancestral Voices 2

Short Film | 2016 | Africa, US, Cuba, UK | 15.46 min

Director: Dalian Adofo

A systemic exploration of African spiritual philosophies and practices across millennia from the ancient Black Egyptians to contemporary times.

Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal is a groundbreaking exploration of humanity’s oldest documented faith practice that connects many dots in African cosmology and indigenous spirituality.

Topics covered include the African conception of the Creator/‘God’, nature and the natural forces, nature of humanity, ancestral veneration and communication, various rituals and forms of prayers for living an African-centred spiritual life.

Faaji Agba

Documentary | 2014 | Nigeria | 90 min

Director: Remi Vaughan-Richards

Faaji Agba is a six-year journey by film-maker Remi Vaughan-Richards following seven, 68-85 yr old Yoruba master musicians in Lagos, Nigeria. They were forgotten by society, until Kunle Tejuoso, owner of Jazzhole Records, follows a trail to rediscover them. And the ‘FAAJI AGBA COLLECTIVE is born.


For The Poet

Short Film | 2014 | South Africa | 1.23 min

Written and Rehearsed by Wordsmith

Filmed and Edited by Taunyane

A Short Poetry Film

Hi Jack

Short Film | 2015 | South Africa | 0.55 min

A collaboration between T∆UNY∆NE, Wordsmith (Thabiso Nkoana) and Lesiba Mabitsela Studio.

This short film is an adaptation of Thabiso Nkoana’s poem ‘Hi Jack’.

The film follows a day in the life of one of the many faceless homeless people in the country and forces us to examine the idea of a “Rainbow Nation”

“The idea of perspex over cloth came during flashbacks of visits to my grandmother. The need to display but at the same time protect that which is valuable. It forces us all to reflect on our value systems and which of those systems benefit the people of Cape Town.” Lesiba Mabitsela


Crowning Glory
The Revolution will be Texurized

Short Film | 2016 | South Africa | 5.08 min

Director: Danielle O’Neill

Sexualized . Exoticized . Appropriated.

‘Crowning Glory’; part 1 of a series titled BLCK BODY, is a short film about the complexity of navigating the intersections of hair, race and identity,
and sheds light on the commodification of hair, Black female identity and the problematic impositions of White Western beauty on women of colour.

Black Barbie

Animation Short | 2016 | Ghana | 4.00 min

Director: C0mfort Arthur

Black Barbie is a Poetry animation that explores the filmmakers experience with skin bleaching products when growing up.







Short Film | 2017 | South Africa | 10.41 min

Director: Danielle O’Neill

STALE is a short glitch documentary that tries to interrogate the neo-apartheid white male agenda in South Africa. Fragility, expiry dates and stale narratives. It’s a mixture of white bread crumbs, conversation, cultural identity, personhood and privilege. STALE tries to explore the intimacy of the “post-democratic” white lie, and other truths, fragilities, and memories.

A visual exposing of full cream tears.
Sniff the box before you take a sip.


Short Film | 2016 | South Africa | 1.39 min

Director: Michael Rhima

This narrative follows Shango, a West African Deity of thunder and fire as he dispenses wrath on his people’s adversaries.

The film was created as my final M.A project for SCAD.

Sir and Kabelo

Short Film | 2017 | Lesotho | 9.04 min

Director: Carl Houston McMillan

It’s about Hope, Sir believes that kabelo needs to get rid of his false hopes in order for him to be free. But not everyone can be free, Kabelo only sees freedom through his hopes.


Black Men Cry

Short Film | 2017 | USA | 4.32 min

Director: Chris James

Black Men Cry is a poem written and performed by Chris James that tells the untold pain of black men in America. It challenges the women to hear their cries and to recognize the pain behind the walls of strength.



Short Film | 2017 | UK | 14.05 min

Director | Writer | Actor: Chima Nsoedo

Emeka is in the safest place he knows and is able to speak freely about race to whoever or whatever listens on the other end of the phone.